Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Seven – Episode 248

OK, it´s 9 AM and my DS2 woke me up half an hour ago... Today is going to be a GREAT day, I can feel that. So I've decided to do a quick meme just to get my brains working.... Here we go, it's time for SUNDAY SEVEN:

Name seven candle fragrances you think you’d most enjoy in your home.

OK, this is an easy one, since I loooooveeee scented candles. I have candles in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and of cause in my bedroom. My favorite fragrances are coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, pine tree, rose, lemon and chocolate, in no special order. As often as I can, I turn off the lights and light some candles instead. I guess I'm just a romantic after all. *lol*

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