Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm tired...

...and now I know why... I have anaemia... I went to see my doctor the other day to pick up the results of some analysis I did a few days back and well, I've got anaemia. So I'm back on having iron in the mornings and trying to think even more about what I eat. It's not the first time I'm like this and actually I should have known and recognized the symptoms because I'm usually like that Duracell rabbit and lately I just want to sleep... Anyway, better late than never so here we go, having to get up early in the morning for that wonderful iron drink and then one hour later I can have my breakfast. The worst part is that I'm on this thing for 3 months this time. That's a long time....

Anyway, I'm glad it's nothing worse... So I'm still smiling. ;-) And even more so since I found this song on Youtube:

2 greetings:

It's good you know what the problem is now. Iron can sometimes make you nauseated, if so taking it at night when you're asleep can help.
Add raisins to your diet.
Aug Chall

Hope you are feeling better!
I like that song...☺

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