Friday, 6 August 2010

I want to be a billionaire

Oh well, not really... I don't think I'd be happy having so much money, but I sure could do with a little more than I have right now. I've been low on money before, but never like this. If I only buy fresh  bread (nothing else, not even milk...) and not every day we probably will make it to the end of the month but hey, what kind of a life is that? Luckily enough I bought quite a lot of beans last month, at least we won't starve...

It's August, my and DS2's birhtday is coming up in 2 weeks, I still didn't get DS1 a present yet (his birthday was in July when they were in Morocco with their dad) and I really need to buy stuff for school. But no money... :-( I'm getting a bit desperate, because I work a lot but since the school is new there just aren't enough students yet. I really really love my job so I've decided to stick around for some more, hopefully things will get better as soon as school starts. But what do I do until then? Suggestions anyone?

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I love this song! i love the reggae beat!

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God bless!

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