Friday, 6 August 2010

Hello! I'm Blanca

So you're curious about who I am? Ok, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

My nick on the internet is Blanca. I'm aged 42, but really, age is just a number, right? I actually feel a lot better now than when I was 30, so I'd say my best age definitely is here and now. *lol*

I was born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, but I'm Spanish since birth (Spanish dad/Finnish mom). At age 20 I decided I wanted to go back "home" to Spain, so I spent 6 years studying at a Spanish university. After that I returned to Sweden for 12 years, got married to a Moroccan I met in Spain, had my babies and realized I wasn't happy with my life so I needed a change of air. In 2005 I moved with my kids to Morocco in North Africa. I left my then husband in Sweden. My kids and I spent 4 years living among Moroccans in a small town close to the Spanish border. When we first came I didn't speak a word of Moroccan Arabic and hardly any French but I had to learn, the hard way, by talking to people and making a fool of myself. *rotflao*

I finally got divorced in January 2009 and moved back to Spain with my kids in September the same year. Since then I'm "young, free and single" and enjoying every minute of my life. ;-)

I have 2 wonderful boys. A is 13 years old and G is 11. Both were Special Needs when they were younger. A was born with severe MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome) and spent 3 days on ECMO. Due to the lack of oxygen at birth the doctors told me he probably never would speak or walk, but today he's just like any other teenager, just with some added flavour. G suffered from severe allergies (food, soap & detergent, paints, grass, leaves and ... and... and...) until he was 6 years old. Thank God both of them are ok now.

I work as a teacher at a small private school. We help the students with their homework, teach them how to study, prepare them for their exams. I teach all the subjects for grades 1 - 6 and I also teach English up to University level.

I love studying languages and I speak Spanish, Swedish and English fluently, and I also speak some French, German, Danish, Norvegian and Moroccan Arabic...

I also love to take photos, scrap book, card making, stamping, dance cumbias, chat, travel, read, cook, go for long walks, meet my friends...

Well, that's me... Any questions? *lol*

4 greetings:

Hello my dear friend! I am missing you terribly! Jakan is not the same without you here! Happy that life in Spain have turned out good for you and your lovely kids! Love you! Malin :)

Thanks for sharing us your story!Have a great week ahead!

thanks for sharing your story! You ahve been very brave to go live in a place where you could not even speak the language! Wow!

Glad you are at a good place in your life and that you feel great! That's important!

New follower & can't wait to see what else you ahve in store!


thanks so much for once again participating in my Simple Sundays Blog Hop! Hope you had a great weekend.

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