Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wednesday already

The weeks are really flying by... It's Wednesday already, it's 1 PM and I'm working at home. My goal for today is to finish at least half the book of Lengua (Spanish) for the 5th grade. What I do is to copy the grammar parts and look for excercises that work those areas.

I don't really teach the normal way, because my job is to help the kids with their homework and explain those things they didn't understand in class. I really love my job, and I don't mind at all explaining 13829475023 times in a year what a noun is. *lol* I have a lot of patience with my kids and I see myself as the teacher's helping hand. Thanks to my job, the kids understand better in school and that makes the teachers' job a lot easier. I know a lot of people look down on us private teachers because they think that the parents pay us to do their kids' homework and it's not at all like that.

Besides preparing the Lengua-classes for the coming year I need to find fun ways to teach English vocabulary. Most of my kids at work have problems with English, because unfortunatelly it's still a subject most schools don't pay much attention to. I wish I could change that and make the kids really enjoy the English classes. So if anyone reading this have links to sites where I can find games in English, please leave me a comment. ;-)

Oh well, it's time to get back to work! My own kids took their bikes and went for a ride so I'd better use this hour or so to do some serious work. *lol*

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Sounds like fun! Hope your able to get your work done while your kids are out enjoying the bike ride!

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