Sunday, 8 August 2010

Commenting and Blog Hops...

Oh my, sometimes there's NOTHING going on and sometimes there's just way too much. *lol* I'm participating in 2 events on the net right now and honestly, there aren't enough hours in the day. ;-) I'm trying to visit as many blogs as I possibly can and I leave as many comments as I can, but there's no way I'll visit all the blogs this weekend and by the looks of it, I won't be making the 1000 comments challenge either. But hey, I'm not sad because I'm having a ball! I promise I'll get back to everyone that's been commenting on my blog this weekend and I'll visit all of you as soon as I possibly can. So please let the comments flow, I LOOOOOOVE getting comments. After all, that's what makes blogging fun, isn't it?

4 greetings:

Haha, don't worry, I can relate! let's just see then up to how much comments we can make eh? :)

For you there are more time to hit the numbers. I just joined yesterday and haven't even reach 10 comments. Hm, but I still want to try :-)

Hi there.
I'm stopping by to thank you for joining up on the August Comment Challenge.
You are right about the hours in the day. I do like your counter on the sidebar :)
Happy Commenting!

I too am having fun, seeing blogs I might not have seen before; trying to get to know more folks through their blogs. I too love the comments and think even if non of us hit 1000, it's fun to try and see what we end up with.

Have a great wkend.

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