Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm definitely back!

I have been feeing ill for so long, I hardly could remember what it's like to feel okey. Well, now I do. And I'm slowly getting back my energy. I just love that, since I've always been a very active person and I really enjoy having lots of things to do. I think I've watched way too much TV lately...

Almost a year ago I decided I wanted to become a nutritionist and I bought a course so I could study at home (no way I can go back to school any other way right now). Well, it all began really well but then for a series of reasons I had to quit. Well, actually I didn't quit, I just took a break.... And that break is over now!

So far this week I've studied 2 chapters and I've done the exam. I got 20/20. Wow!!! That did feel GREAT! I've decided that one of my major goals this summer will be to finish my studies. The next chapter is really hard, I've read it and honestly, I didn't understand much.. So I'll use a Fly lady approach, baby steps... I'll do it 15 minutes a time, read a few pages and look up all the words I don't understand. It all sounds like Greek to me! Too much chemistry... But I really want to learn, so before I even pretend to study that part I'll take whatever time needed to understand it... It's all about the approach... and not quitting...

I'm also on a roll with the Wii... I've worked out for 5 days in a row now. First I thought I'd rest on Saturday and Sunday but I thought it over. I really really want to loose weight, and I do think I can find 30 minutes a day, even on weekends, to do some running or whatever on the wii. My weight is quite stable, which is really good, considering my period is on its' way and I always gain about a kilo or two... I'm sure I'll lose weight next week. I did the 10 minutes of hula and I really hated every minute of it! But I know it's going to work so I just have to hang in there and just do it, no excuses allowed! And that's it. I know I'll be happy in a few weeks time when I notice how my belly has gotten smaller.

Time to get going again!

2 greetings:

Happy to hear you are fine. Been thinking about u lately wondering how u and your men are. All the best and good luck with your studies.

Little men I mean :D! You lil boys sounded weird in the other comment sorry.

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