Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Day 1

My kids left for Morocco yesterday morning. So far I'm doning ok. I'm glad my ex decided to spend a few days here first, because that way we all had a chance to get used to the situation.

I felt very very sad yesterday when they left, so I decided to walk home from the bus station in Malaga. It's about 30 km, so I knew it would take me a while. I put on some music and started to walk... It took me 3 hours to get home! The sun was shining and it was about 35ยบ C. I was quite deshidrated and exhausted when I got home and with blisters on my feet, but I really needed that walk. When I got home I had a shower, I had breakfast and I went to sleep... When I woke up I was feeling a lot better. The pain in my heart was much less and after I talked to my kids I felt ok.

Today my legs and face are really sore, because I got sunburned. I seem to wear red stockings! So today I'll stay indoors. ;-) No problem, I have a lot of work to do so I won't be bored.

Tomorrow I'll have to get back to my studies. I've been so busy these past weeks, I haven't had a chance to study. I really long to get back, because it's so interesting and I have a great time studying. I love that, becuse it's really hard to study when you have to work and care for a family. I will study as much as I posibly can these weeks when I only have to care about myself and my job.

Oh well, time to get back to work..

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

And so they left..

This morning I took my kids to the bus station in Malaga, where their dad waited for them. My ex husband came to Spain 3 days ago to spend his vacation with the kids. At first, he planned to take them to Morocco the same day, but then he decided to spend a few days with them here first, so they would get to know each other again, because they have't spent much time together these past years. I think that was the right thing to do, because these past days the kids have had time to slowly bond with their dad again.

My kids called me a few hours ago. They arrived in Morocco without any problems, they had gone to our favorite restautant and they had had lunch. They were happy. And that really is what I want for them. I want them to be happy, to be able to spend a great summer, to have the best of both of their parents.

I miss my kids! The apartment seems way too big and quiet... But I know that this is what life is like when you're divorced. My ex husband also needs to spend time with our kids and they need to spend time with their dad. I hope he and I will be able to comunicate better after this summer, when he understands what it's like to care for the kids day and night on his own.

My kids will be back on July 26. That's 3 and a half weeks from now. I'll try to use these weeks to work a lot, prepare my classes so I'll have to work less next year and most of all - I'll try to study as much as I posibly can!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

So tired!

This week has been really busy, at least so far. I hope I can get plenty of rest this weekend, I really need that. On Monday morning I found about a workshop that was starting the same day and since I had a posibility to do participate I went ahead. So I spent Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings in class, studying how to start your own business. It was a really good workshop and I'm more determined than ever to start my own company once I finish my studies.

My studies are going ok. I passed my first exam and currenty I'm studying Chapter 2. Before I started studying I thought I could do a chapter a week, but then I discovered that this chapter has 200 pages. No way I can study 200 pages in just a few days. :-( I'm going really slow but I'm sure I'll get there, eventually.

On Wednesday evening I went to another workshop, about how to take care of eldery people in their homes. I've been participating in this workshop for several months now, it's twice a month. Just one more time and I'll get my certificate. Another paper to add to my Curriculum Vitae.

I still don't have a contract but my bosses and I have decided that I'll work Monday and Friday evening and Wednesday morning, as well as one hour every Thursday evening.

As you can see I've hardly spent any time at home this week... I'm exhausted!!! My plans for this weekend is to relax, read and get plenty of sleep...

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