Saturday, 29 May 2010

On the radio

Internet is great for many things. Among others, you can listen to online radio from just about any country in the world. I do that all the time, because I don't have a “normal” radio. I'd love to buy me some sort of mini systems, so I could listen to music whenever I feel like it. Oh well, everything will come in due time.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

La Noche en Blanco

Last Saturday night I went to Malaga with a friend of mine and our children. It was "La Noche en Blanco", "the night dressed in white", which actually means "the night without sleep". It's an annual event when the entrance to all the museums in the city are free and they are open until midnight and some of then even until 3 A.M.! Going with 3 boys aged 9, 10 and 12 you can't pretend to go to all the museums but at least we all had a great time.

Kites to promote Malaga as the capital of culture in 2012.

We went to an art gallery (also open all night) to see an exhibit about the death penalty. It was really interesting, because they showed different ways of "getting rid" of people. Among others, this electric chair where you could actually sit down and get a mild electric shock, so you could experience the feeling. I didn't try it, but my friend did and she said it was really "unpleasant".

This one impressed me a lot. It's supposed to be a persson (a woman?) getting stoned to death. It's used quite a lot in seeral Muslim countries where they use the Sharia, the Muslim laws. It must be such a horrible way to die...

We went to the Museum of Modern Art. We had a great time. The kids were running around, looking at everything, and we didn't understand a thing about the items. I think artists of today all hae to be a bit weird or they won't be famous...

My kids have never been to Malaga at night before so they were really happy. We went to Calle Larios, and walked around for at least an hour, windowshopping, looking at the happenings, looking at people...

We wanted to visit the Picasso Museum, since the entrance was free, but a lot of people thought the same and we just couldn't stand in line for an hour or more with the kids. Maybe next year...

People even had to stand in line to buy a hamburger! We had brought sandwiches for the kids, so they sat down for a while to eat and rest, and then they had energy to run around for another hour. *lol*

We came back home at midnight. Malaga was still crowded, but the kids - and our feet! - just couldn't walk anymore. We really had a great time!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Once again, a student

In about 2 weeks time I'll start studying again. Oh yes, agaaaain.... *lol* I think I'll never ever finish my studies...

This time (*lol*) I've decided I'll become a dietist and a nutricionist. I'll study on line so I'll be able to continue with my "normal life" and study a few hours a day. Well, actually that means I'll have to give up chatting at night and spend that time studying instead. I hope to finish by February or at least by June - next year of cause..

I'm not really really sure about everything I'm going to study. Actually, all I know is that after I´m done I'll be able to make menues for people with a series of health issues and also for people who wants to lose weight (yup, that's me as well!) or even gain weight. I'll be able to work with catering or within the health care system or even start my own business. Once I finish I'll get a diploma and also the posibility to pass an official exam, which is a pretty good thing.

The only "bad" thing (apart from all the money I'm going to spend) is that this course does not include anything about medicine plants and "alternative medicine" so if I want to get a diploma for that I'll need to do another course as well. I'm really interested in that field, since I have good "conexions" with Peru. *lol*

I've spent the past days looking for information about nutrients on the net and there really is a lot to be read. I've saved some of it in different Word documents and since I don't have to go to the office this morning and I'm really down with the flu I think I'll go back to bed with the computer for an hour or two and do some reading... I think I need to get a printer...

Avon today

My order from Avon arrives today. I hardly sold anything this time, I was too busy with my parents and going to Morocco, so I hardly managed to pass the minimun limit. I don't know, maybe I'm just too busy right now or maybe it's not the best time of the year... Anyway, I still enjoy doing what I do so I'll just keep on for some more months and then I'll decide if I'll continue or not.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm back in Spain

I've been home for a week now, but I've been really busy... My plan was to stay for 5 days in Morocco, but as always, a lot of stuff happened and I had to stay for longer. In the end I spent 8 days in Morocco, spending more time on the road than in my house. *lol* When I finally came home to Spain I was really really exhausted and needed a few days off everything just to recover.

I wanted to take lots of photos so I could show you what life is like in Morocco, but I didn't have any spare time to waste on walks. :-(

My relationship with Morocco is a very complex one. On one hand I really love the country and the people, and on the other hand living there made me suffer in many ways so going back this time was not something I enjoyed. I think I'll need several weeks to recover emotionally from my trip. I just hope next time will be better...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Im in Mococco

Right now Im in the library at my old workplace in Mococco. Ive come here to spend a few days, taking care of some unfinished business. I dont think Ill be able to update the blog much during this time; but I promise Ill take a lot of pictures to show you when I come back to Spain:

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