Sunday, 11 April 2010

Work, work, work...

I'm finally working... Well, officially I'm still unemployed and in a way I am, because my bosses can't afford to pay taxes for me, so they pay me in cash. I don't earn enough to make a living out of my job, but at least I don't have to stay at home getting depressed anymore. I work as a teacher two evenings a week and as a secretary one morning a week. I just looove it!!! *doing the happy dance*

Right now I'm really busy because I have to make a curriculum for each class and I have to prepare the material. I work at an academy that help students pass their exams so basically I need to look at what they are doing in class and help them understand that. But for the kids in their final year of High School I have to make sure they've understood everything they've done so far and most of them have problems with basic stuff, so I need to start from the beginning and revise everything..

I'm going to teach French!!! Wow, I haven't touched French for over 20 years so I'm quite concerened about teaching it, but I will definitely do my very very best and I'll spend the coming weeks studying French like crazy. I really want to do a good job and help my pupils pass their exams.

I need to get organized!!! After 4 years in Morocco doing nothing I really find it hard to get organized and I spend a lot of time doing things I could do in much less time and with a better result. I'm defintely going back to the Fly Lady plan.

Well, off I go... I's time to make lunch...

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