Sunday, 18 April 2010

Still raining....

I'm so fed up with this weather.... It's been raining for ages now. What is wrong with the weather these days???? O.K., if I was living in Scotland I guess this weather would be rather normal, but hey, I live in Spain because I love to see the sun every day, and for the past months we've only seen the sun in photos.... *sobbing*

As it's Sunday we were supposed to go to church. I know going to church on Sundays is rather out of fashion these days, but I really really like going to mass. I really get a kick out of going to mass, at least when the sermon is good. After all, I wanted to become a nun when I was about 15... *lol*

Because of the heavy raining we have to stay at home. No way we can go out the way it's pouring down right now, it's not only raining cats and dogs, it's raining elefants... And the rain is cold... I love the warm summer rains, I love running around in a field or on the beach getting all soaked up. I feel like I'm 5 years old again. *lol* But cold winter rains like the one today just make me sleepy and I'd love to spend the whole day snuggled up in bed.... Just relaxing, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies and watching a movie...

Luckily enough the rain stopped for a few hours yesterday so A, my oldest son, and I went walking to one of our favorite shops. It takes us about half an hour to walk there but it's worth the walk, because on one hand many products are a lot cheaper there than where I live and on the other hand I really need to get rid of those calories that live around my belly. I bought a lot, too much actually, because I was really exhausted when I got home. I bought 18 liters of milk, fruit and vegetables, and lots lots more. My poor shopping cart did a great job! 

Well, let's see what we can make out of the day today. Going for a walk is totally out of the question. I'll have to think about things we can do at home. My kids are watching a movie on the internet, they don't mind the raining too much. I guess I'd better study some French or maths, or maybe I should clean the laundry room...???

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