Thursday, 29 April 2010

My parents are here!

I'm a bit MIA these days because my parents are here and I`m enjoying every minute of it. ;-) It's wonderful to come home from work and find the food ready and the table prepared. And this morning I didn't even have to get up at 7, my parents took care of my kids and took them to school. Being a single mom, things like that are really not something I'm used to, so I really really do enjoy life right now.

The only bad thing about having my parents here is that I eat too much. *lol* My mom is such a wonderful cook and my parents are used to have coffee several times a day, and of cause, you have to have a "little something" with the coffee, so I'm sure I'll gain a lot of weight these days... Oh well, they only stay for 2 weeks and then I won't see them for another 6 months so I'd better enjoy myself these days and not think about diets and stuff. Life is too short!

My kids are very happy too. The first night they refused to go to sleep in their beds, they wanted to sleep with granny. *lol* I don't think my poor mom slept very well because my kids are getting big and need a lot of space, but she was happy too. My mom really adores my kids. My kids are my parents' only grandchildren, since my only brother doesn't have any kids yet.My parents always do a lot of funny things with my kids when they come and visit, things I can't afford or can't do because I don't have the time too, so these weeks are very important to all of us.

I really thank God for giving me such wonderful parents! We've had lots of problems before but these past years we've overcome all of that and we now have a great relationship. I'm soooo happy!!!

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