Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Traditions are still alive

In an earlier post Ron commented that traditions are still stong here in Spain, and they deffinitely are. Especially here in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, people love the Easter traditions. Even if people generally aren't very religious the rest of the year most people enjoy the processions. And they love to dress their kids up and let them participate. Aren't they cute these little penitents?

Until recently, women weren't allowed to be nazarenos but since they are hooded penitents there have always been women who dared to break that rule. Women weren't allowed to carry the thrones either, but these past years more and more thrones are carried by women only. Like the Virgin here in Rincón de la Victoria.

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i love that you live in spain - i would love to visit the country some day!

These traditions are also alive and well in the Philippines! Although I've lived away from my country for 10 years now, I miss watching the Easter procession and the carosas that carry religious images, especially the Black Nazarene (also called Nazareno).

Hello Ericka!

*lol* I'm glad you like the fact that I live in Spain. ;-) I love that too... After 13 years living abroad I really missed living here.

I hope you can come and visit Spain some day. In the meantime I promise I'll keep posting photos and facts so you can at least visit in your imagination.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Hello Sreisat!

Is that your name? Sorry if it's not... I'll visit your blog in a while, I'm in a hurry right now...

I´ve read a bit about the Easter traditions in the Philipines and I really would love to visit your country some day and specially during Easter. Traditions seem so strong there. I've read about the people who crucify themselves on Good Friday, do they still do that?

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Bye bye and I wish you both a wonderful day!


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