Tuesday, 13 April 2010

One hour later...

Well, I've been cleaning my home for the past hour so I think I do deserve to take a break. ;-) I didn't finish to clean it all, because I got a bit sidetracked - I had to pick up lots of things from the floors in my kids' rooms, I found 4 grey socks under their beds and since I didn't recognize them I decided to wash them up and surprise!, I found out they were actually 2 black socks, a green and a blue one. Great! My kids are always out of socks, because they can't find the matching sock. Well, tomorrow they'll have four more pairs to use...

I did do the floors in the kitchen, hall, "dining room" (actually a part of the living room), both my kids' rooms and the bathroom. Only my bedroom and the living room left. My home definitely does smell a lot better! I looooove the smell of the soap I use for my floors.

I'll have some tea and fibre cookies before I do what's left. Then it'll be time to work for a while on my Mount Papermore. I really, really do need to get more organized!!!

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