Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Time to get organized!

I am living in total CHAOS and that is realy getting on my nerves!!! I feel totally trapped in a situation I can't handle and I definitely don't like living this way. I keep running around in circles, getting exhausted and achieving nothing... But today is the day I begin to change that!

It's Tuesday the 13th. In Spain it's like Friday 13th in the English speaking part of the world so it's a day when you need to be extra careful, just in case... ;-) And it's the day I've decided that my life needs to change...

There are so many things I need to do... I know I can't do it all in just one day so I'll start by taking baby steps. First of all, I need to work on my Control Journal because I feel a lot better when I have one and do my routines. I have already started one and so far I´ve done a plan for what to do every day of the week. But I need to plan each day of the week in order to make the most of my time.

Then to get a kick start I'm going to do a Home Blessing - spend one hour today just getting my home sort of clean. One hour is not nearly enough to get it sparkling, but at least it will look (and smell!) better and I will feel a lot less stressed out.

I also need to get back to preparing dinner in the morning and not wait until we´re really hungry at night. Last night we didn't have dinner until 9.30 PM and my kids usually go to sleep at 9! So no need to mention that we had a really really bad morning here today...

Anyway, time to get going!!! I'll start doing the Home Blessing and then I'll get back here to tell you about my next steps. Babysteps.... One step at a time...

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