Monday, 22 February 2010

Selling make up

Several friends of mine sell make up & perfume in their spare time. I think they are doing quite OK so I've decided to give it a try. I've registred for Avon and Oriflame, and I'm on the lookout for more companies. I really really really do need an extra income. Well actually, I'm in desperate need of an income, period, since I'm still unemployed... :-(

I'd like to have a go at Tupperware as well, but I don't really know enough people. I guess I'll have to make this a long term project...

2 greetings:

Avon is a very good company that I think you could do well with. I buy their fragrances and makeup a few times a year(because my mother sells it!)and the quality is really good for inexpensive prices.
I don't know much about Oriflame(only sold in Europe--a Swedish company?).
Good luck to whatever you decide to do--at least you'll be trying to improve your situation.

Thanks for your comment!! I really do appreciete it. :-D

Yes, I do think I can do well with Avon, it's a big company and I know some girls who sell for them and they are happy, so I think I can be happy too. Oriflame is a Swedish company. It's funny, I've bought their products several times and I just found out they're Swedish...

Thanks a Lot!!! I'm thrilled that I'm actually going to do something, I'm getting bored to death at home...

Bye bye!


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