Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Moroccan beach - WW

This is our beach in Morocco, a day in June. I do miss Morocco a lot some days... Today is one of them...

5 greetings:

Happy WW!

Oooo, how the beach looks so great right now. I suppose it is this Ohio snow...or maybe because the beach always looks like fun! :)

I like pictures like this - simple so you can imagine your own story. And there's no snow or ice anywhere in sight.

Wow, I would love to live there. I love a beach with warm waters. Our ocean is freezing even in the summer.

The basics--sun and water and sand...ahhhh..
It seems that so many of us(in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year) are looking back(or ahead) to sunnier, warmer places and times.

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