Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I want... Wednesday # 1

I'm still looking for fun memes and since it's Wednesday I found this one - I Want Wednesday, a simple meme where you write about what you want that particular week/moment and answer a question. Seems like fun so here it goes!

What computer program do you want to learn?
Well, I'd like to get used to DreamWeaver. I know how it works but somehow I don't really manage to get the pages the way I want and end up writing the code by hand. And that is time consuming.... So a better grip on DW would definitely make me happy. :-D

What else do you want this week? Share it all.
Just the same thing as every week, every day - a job... I dont't actually care about what kind of a job anymore, as long as it's legal and permits me to pay my bills. But ok, if I'm allowed to chose - I'd looove to be in teaching of some kind. But working at the local burger would also do just fine. ;-)

2 greetings:

I hope you'll find a place where you find the real pupose in life.


By the way, Hope you dont mind If I follow your blog this is one way to keep in touch.


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