Saturday, 10 July 2010

Oh no, another Houdini hamster!

My kids got a hamster a few weeks ago. One morning going to school a friend of mine told me that another mom had a hamster baby for my kids. So off I went to buy a cage, food and everything else a hamster needs.

I immediately fell in love with our little Peluche ("teddy bear" in Spanish). He's soo cute (it's not the hamster in the pic, our baby is even more adorable). My kids are really fond of him too. And Peluche seems to enjoy playing with my kids. They let him run around in G's room and they build Lego houses to him and Peluche plays along.

Peluche isn't our first hamster. When I studied at the university I had a hamster who I used to carry on my shoulder. She really loved that. She was very intelligent and I used to let her run around freely in my room, because when I had to go, I called her name and always came so I could put her in her cage.

In Morocco I bought two hamsters to my kids. But a few days later we suddenly had 12 (!!!) hamsters... All of them had their own personality. My favorite was Mochi, G's hamster. She learned to open the cage and used to run away at night. She used to take a stroll around the house and then come looking for me so I could take her back to the cage. She was such a sweetie....

Well, once again we have a Houdini hamster... Because Peluche escapes from his cage as soon as he can. He LOVES to run around and discover the world. When I went to check on him a little while ago I found him running around the room... I opened the cage and left some food. I guess I'll find him sleeping in his cage tomorrow morning...

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