Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 3

Today was supposed to be my day off. I got up at 7 AM and decided I would spend the morning preparing material for my clases. I've printed out quite a lot of material, lots of excercices and whole lessons. I need to make a list of all the excercices so I don't have to spend hours looking for the right excercice. I also need to make flash cards, games and stuff for role plays. It will probably take me much more than one day to do that, but at least I'll do as much as I posibly can.

In the end I had to go to the office because one of my bosses had to go and pay the school fee and my other boss had to go to the doctor's. But I brought stuff with me so right now I'm writing this and cutting "money" for a banking role play. What a pity it's not real money. ;-)

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