Thursday, 22 July 2010

Need some help with rhymes

I'm preparing a new English course. Those of you who have been readong my blog for a while already know that I'm a teacher at a small private school and among other things I teach English. Well, tomorrow I start up a new group and today I have to prepare the coming clases. Everything went just great and then all of a sudden I got kind of blocked. :-(

I just can't figure out these rhymes. I know, they are fairly basic, but somehow I just got stuck... Please please please, help me with this:

It lives in the forest and rhymes with near.
It's sneaky and rhymes with socks.
It lives in the forest and rhymes with hair.

I hope someone reads this and can help me out.... I feel really stupid, I should know this....

*** UPDATE*** Just got help from a friend. Thanks TT! The answers are deer, fox and bear. Duuuuuh! Just how stupid can you get? Think I need a cup of STROOOONG tea....

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