Saturday, 31 July 2010

Getting back to the calendar habit

I've been FLYing on and off for several years now. My home is far from perfect, but for each period I manage to FLY it's getting better. I guess it's a all about making a total change of lifestyle, because if you're not organized it's so much harder to keep your home nice and tidy, unless you can afford to pay someone to do the job for you. I'm definitely NOT the organized type of person when it gets to doing things in my home, but once again I've decided it's time to get back on track.

One thing I really like about FLYing is that once you get into a habit, it's so much easier to get back on track. During these past months, when I've had so much else on my mind, I've still managed to make my bed every day and made my kids do theirs, I've shined my sink, I've swished and swiped... And I've done some sort of Home blessing each week. So I guess I never really got totally off track.

The August habit on FLY Lady is laundry. I've almost mastered this habit. No more Mount Washmore in this house. *lol* But getting the clean folded laundry out of my bedroom and into the right closets is still a bit of an issue so I need to work on that one. But since the washing part isn't a problem anymore I need to think of something else I need to reinforce this month.

I think August is going to be the month when I finally get my class notes in order. Since I'm a life long student I have class notes from way back that I need to get sorted out and written in Word-files and printed out. I know they will help me a lot in my job, so it would be a great thing to get some order in that area. Maybe half an hour a day could do the trick? At least I'd get on of my cupboards decluttered.

Another habit I really really need to get working again is using my calendar. I just finished writing on my wall calendars the days I work, so I can plan other events. Now I'll write down the FLY Zones for August. Babysteps my friends.... I'll get back on track, one step at a time. :-D

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