Saturday, 31 July 2010

New month, new habits

Today is the last day of July and tomorrow starts a whole new month. August.... It's always been one of my favorite months and I'm really happy it's here again. So many good things happen in August... When I was a kid I used to love it because of my birthday, *lol* And because school starts in August in Sweden. I always loved the whole "going back to school circus". Nowadays I love August because of other things too, like my DS2's birthday (the same as mine actually, he's my best birthday present ever) and because there are so many good things to eat. *lol*

Well, I've decided that I'm going to take blogging more seriously from now on, starting today. I'll write at least one entry a day and I'll start posting all those photos I have lying aroung the house on CD's and pen drives. I love taking photos! And I guess some of you are curious about what life's like in Spain, Sweden and Morocco (the places I've lived). So, from now on, do come back often and you'll find new posts.

Another thing I'm going to take more seriously is my EntreCard dropping. I just love that site! I've discovered so many blogs I really like through dropping cards. I really really recomend that site if you want to find interesting blogs to read. I just need to make a better E-card, because I'm still without a graphic program and can't make anything at all. :-(

Well, it's Saturday today and I need to get my house a little less cluttered, so it's time to do some FLYing! See you in a few hours!

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