Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 5

I'm tired today, way too tired... Since my kids left I've sort of turned day and night all around and I'm beginning to feel the effects of that. I defenitely can't go on like that. I need to get back in track again.

I didn't do much yesterday. First of all, I got up late since I spent the night before chatting with friends in Peru. Then I just took it slow for the mostpart of the day. It was actually quite nice to do nothing...

In the evening I watched football, Spain - Paraguay. I really love football, it's my favorite sport. After a very boring first part we ended up winning with 1 - 0. Spain has never gone this far in the world cup so the whole nation is really happy. Never the less, I feel so sorry for Paraguay... But that`s football, there can only be one winner at this level.

I didn't feel like doing anything after the game so I just ended up chatting in two different chat rooms and with 4 friends on MSN at the same time. Oh my, chatting really makes your brain work full time, so you can mantain logical conversations with so many people at the same time. *lol*

I made a lot of chili con carne and rice yesterday so today I don't need to cook (probably tomorrow either). Great, because today I feel soo tired... I need to study, but my eyes are really swollen and sore, maybe I'll just spend the rest of the day on the coach watching TV... No, I'll finish the section about lipids first so I can start with the proteins tomorrow. I'm slowly, very slowly, making progress.

Oh well, time to get back to my studies...

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