Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wow! Five days off work!

The schools are out for 5 days and that means that I probably won't have any students either. Some of them already told me that they're not coming next week and some haven't decided yet. Anyway I have the weekend off, and honestly, I really really need some time to take care of myself. Working for 12 hours a day has taken its' toll on my health, I've caught a cold that is making me want to sleep all the time...

I've been like this for 2 days already and I'm getting tired. *lol* I'm really not the type of person who can stay quiet for days and just relax, I need to have something to do all the time.

Except for my health issue my working too much has also left my home looking like .... The areas where my students are - entrance, living room / dining room and bathroom are looking nice, but the rest is just a mess. I really need to take some time these days to get those areas under control, because I can feel how the mess and the clutter are robbing my energy. It's funny really, a few months back I only cleaned my home like every 10 days or so, but since I started to work at home I clean the "student areas" at least every second day, sometimes even twice a day... I've realised that it doesn't take such a long time to clean, if I just keep everything tidy and in its' place.

I've been a FLYbaby for several years now and I know that crash cleaning is no good. It's better to take it step by step and slowly gain control of the clutter and the whole situation. So my first step will be to take control of Mount Washmore and to find the winter clothes from last year that got crammed into a wardrobe somewhere when the days all of a sudden got warm. We're in the middle of winter now so it really is time to find those warm cozy sweaters and the gloves....

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