Friday, 31 December 2010

We went for a walk

My parents live in a georgous area in the outskirts of Stockholm. It's like a fairy tale, especially winters like this one when everything is covered in snow. Just have a look at these pictures. Isn't it beautiful?

My parents live very close to Mälaren, the third biggest lake in Sweden. We went down to the shore to have a look at the ice, to see if it's posible to walk on it. Well, it's not. In spite of the temperatures (today it was 12 degrees Celsius below cero, so it's COOOLD!, but due to the snow the ice won't freeze properly.

People swim here in summer...

Once you start walking you don't feel the cold as much as in the beginning, but it was wonderful to get back in after being out in the cold for an hour. I hope the sun will shine tomorrow as well (it doesn't happen every day in winter) so we can go for another walk. I'm getting a bit tired of doing nothing....

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