Monday, 27 December 2010

In Stockholm

Today I took my kids to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. It wasn't as cold as other days and it didn't snow, so it was quite nice to be outdoors actually. We were to meet with my brother at noon, but we got to the center of Stockholm early so we had a look around first.

We had to get off the train at the Central Station and had to take the subway the last bit of the way. These are some of the photos I took while on the subway:

What you can see in the photos is the old part of Stockholm, called "Gamla Stan" in Swedish. It was built in the Middle Ages and is the oldest part of Stockholm. It definitely is my favorite part of Stockholm. Just like the rest of the center of Stockholm, it's built on islands. There are lots and lots of bridges in Stockholm, so you can cross from one part of the city to another. That's why Stockholm is called "The Venice of the North" and "The City on Water". Stockholm really is a very beautiful city!

When we got to Medborgarplatsen we went to Söderhallarna, a mall with a real food market, like in the old days. There are very few markets left in Stockholm, people tendo to buy their food in plastic boxes in the supermarkets instead, unfortunately. My favorite shope in Söderhallarna is The English Shop, where you can find lots of things you can't find anywhere else in Stockholm, since they import everything from the UK.

We also took a quick walk around Söderhallarna to have a look at Medborgarplatsen..

If you look closely you can see a tower in the background with a half moon on it, it's the Stockholm Mosque.

One of the entrances to Söderhallarna.

One of the public librarys.

If you bring your skates you can skate in the very heart of Stockholm.

This tower is the highest appartment building in Stockholm.

We really had a great day with my brother. It's a pity we don't meet very often. First of all we went to an Indian restaurant to have lunch (yummy!! I LOOOVE Indian food!) and then we went to the movies to see the new Harry Potter film. It was really good and we enjoyed it very much. After that we were ready to go back to the peace and quiet at my parents' house.

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