Sunday, 10 January 2010

Still looking for a job...

We've been living in Spain since September and I started to look for a job on day 1 and I'm still unemployed.... It is really getting on my nerves because so much time worrying about money is not good for the health... And now we've really hit rock bottom. In a few weeks we're down to 0 Euros and unless I find a job really quick there won't be any more money either... Oh my God, life is really really hard sometomes... What can I do?

I've answered to hundreds of job opportunities but no luck so far.... Something is definitely not working... Unemployment is a HUUUGE problem here in Spain right now. And when you come from abroad things are even harder, because you lack the most important thing - connections. The best way to get a job is to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who's looking for someone....

My biggest wish right now is to find a job... I don't even care about what kind of job, as long as I can buy food and pay my bills... Wish me luck, ok?

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