Friday, 15 January 2010

I do miss Morocco..

I spent the past 4 years living in Morocco, in the province of Tetuán, in the north part of the country. It was a very gratifying experience that has taught me a lot about life in general and specially, about myself.

A taxi driver washing his cab. The tower is an old water tower, from the time when you could go by train between the different parts of Spanish Morocco. Tetuan was the capital city of Spanish Morocco. Unfortunately you can't find much signs of its' glorious (??) past anymore...

More cabs in the modern part of the city. In Tetuan the long distance cabs ("grand taxis") are blue while the city cabs ("petit taxis") are yellow.

A market place in the street. This is one of the many markets in Tetuan. In this particular one things are sold directly off the street. It's situated in the outskirts of the modern city, where the taxis to some of the villages stop.

Some days I really really do miss Morocco... But I certainly do not want to move back. Maybe some day, when things get better there...

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