Sunday, 10 January 2010

My goals for 2010

New year, new resolutions... I haven't really had time to write down my goals for this year, I usually do that every 1st of January. Oh well, it's still not too late so here we go...

1) My first and most important goal is to get a job. I don't really care about what I do, as long as I get payed by the end of month and I can pay my bills. But if I get to chose, I'd like to work in an office or go back to teaching, I really enjoy working with people and watch them grow as persons.

2) Get back to serious blogging. I used to have blogs with hundreds of visitors a day and then when my life got turned upside down I completely quit writing and just focused on surviving.... Now I really long for getting back on track and be a part of the blogger community once again.

3) Loose some weight and get rid of my awful pillow looking belly... Just hate it!!!!

4) Get back to do yoga on a regular basis, really really miss that!

5) NOT start smoking again!!! I quit smoking 10 days ago and I'm still not smoking. HOORAY!!!

6) Get back to doing translations as a freelance translator. I really don't want to have that as my main income, it's too risky. I want to have a regular income and be able to live without too much worries.

7) Start studying French again.

Well, I guess everything will turn out well if I just get a job.... That's my major concern right now....

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