Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back to normal...

This is the last week of the Christmas vacations. Hooray! The weather has been really lousy -  rain, rain, rain.... In one week it rained more than it usually rains in 6 months!!!! Just imagine... It's really difficult to make two boys aged 10 and 12 happy indoors for so many days... They've been on vcation since the 22nd and are getting really fed up with doing - nothing.... And a few more days and I'll go bananas, because with the boys at home I can't really concentrate on looking for a job, clean the apartment and other really interesting (???) things I do when they are at school.

It's Tuesday today and they go back on Thursdag. Tomorrow is a HUUUGE holiday here in Spain, it's the Reyes, the day when the 3 Kings bring presents to the kids. Unfortunately, my kids won't get loads of presents, there isn't any money for that, but of course there's a little something for them. My kids are lucky, they also got presents for Christmas, on the 24th of december, according to Swedish tradition. *lol* Sometimes it's a blessing to be of many different cultures.

Anyways, tonight is the "Cabalgata de Reyes", when the Kings visit the cities and villages and throw candy at the kids. After midnight the elves will bring the gifts and the kids will find them in their shoes tomorrow morning.  At least the kids who have been nice during the last year, because the mean kids only get coal in their shoes. But nowdays the coal is a sweet and it's not a shame to get coal any more. *lol*

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