Thursday, 7 January 2010

About Blanca

So you're curious about who I am? Ok, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

My nick on the internet is Blanca. I'm aged 42, but really, age is just a number, right? I actually feel a lot better now than when I was 30, so I'd say my best age definitely is now. *lol*

I was born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, but I'm Spanish since birth. At age 20 I decided I wanted to go back "home" to Spain, so I spent 6 years studying at a Spanish university. After that I returned to Sweden for 12 years, got married, had my babies and realized I wasn't happy with my life so I needed a change of air. In 2005 I moved with my kids to Morocco in North Africa. We spent 4 years living among Moroccans in a small town. Last year I got divorced and I moved back to Spain with my kids.

I have 2 wonderful boys. A is 12 years old and G is 10.

I love studying languages and I speak Spanish, Swedish and English fluently, and I also speak some French, German, Danish, Norvegian and Moroccan Arabic...

I also love to take photos, scrap book, dance cumbias, travel, read, cook, go for long walks, meet my friends...

Well, that's me... Any questions? *lol*

1 greetings:

Hi Blanca,

Thank you so much for your visit and first comment at my Blog.
It's nice to have a new friends in blogosphere.

I'll link your blog at my list Blogger Friends (Supporters link)

Happy Valentines day.

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