Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Aniversary!

Today I went to a party organized by the local radio station. They celebrated their first 100 programs.

They gave away t-shirts to conmemorate the event.

Since it was a Spanish party for Spaniards, they gave away free beer. Yummie!!!

There was a cooking contest... The winner was a chocolate cake.

They made paella...

Yummie! It looked sooooooo good... Unfortunately, I was too stuffed to be able to have another bite, so I didn´t have any paella.

The whole idea with the party was that everyone was to bring something and then invite everyone else, so we went from one table to another, asking for a little something to taste. I ended up so stuffed I hardly could walk!!!!

It started to rain, but no problem. *lol* We just took the tables and put them with the cars and continued eating and drinking and having a great time!

Time for the cake!!!!! I had never had a pop corn cake before (pop corn and melted honey, it was delicious!!!!).

I was so stuffed when I got home, I had to take a nap... *lol* It really was a fantastic day.

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Happy Anniversary!
The food looks good.


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