Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour is HERE!

In a few minutes it`s time for Earth Hour here in Spain. We are soooo prepared, my kids and I. I`m going to make dinner by the candles, sooo romantic! *lol* I can cook, since our stove is a gas stove. We made pop corn and we`re going to play dominĂ³... It´s going to be so much fun!!!

Well, I´d better turn off the puter and all the other lights and electric devices, only a few minutes left...

Chauuu!!! See you later!

2 greetings:

im glad your family participated this kind of activity


Thanks for coming by and commenting. :-)

Yes, I think Earth Hour and other activities like that are very important, because they are things we can do together my kids and I and they also show them important values in life.


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