Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My own domain?

I've been thinking about getting my own domain, something like www.blancainspain.com... What do you think? I've been looking around a bit and if I'm not totally mistaken, there's hosting with the name included for about 65 Euros for a year. I think I could pay that. It's always much more fun to blog at your own domain and it's definitely what you have to have if you want to make any money out of blogging. Besides, I think I could blend two blog ideas into one, which actually could make two very mainstream blogs into one that's much more interesting.

And since we're talking about blogs... Some friends and I are talking about starting a blog on Peru. I already thought about the name and it's GREAT! If/when we agree on all the details we'll get going. It's not going to be just another "tourist goes to Machu Picho and says √°aaaaah!´" kind of blog. The idea is to link together Peruvians in both Peru and Spain with people in Europe who want to visit Peru or learn more about the country, culture or cuisine or whatever. I've already talked to several friends "over there" and they are more than happy to participate in this project. So what do you think? Would you like to read and follow a blog about Peru, partly written by people living there?

Anyway, I have a LONG day ahead of me! So I'd better get going.....

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