Thursday, 10 March 2011

A whole day ahead of me

Normally I've always too much to do every day, but today for a change I haven't hardly anything to do.... It's 10.30 AM and my first and only class today starts at 7PM, so I've got 8 and a half hour to fill with whatever I want... Which actually would be to go back to bed, because this lousy weather is killing me, it's making me truly depressed. :-(

So far I've sent my kids to school, I've been at the bank and payed this month's fee for the school trip my son and his class are doing in June and I've gone for a walk along the beach.

I think I'll have another coffee and then I'll do some housework for an hour or so... I need to fold some laundry, do my Mission for today (yes, I'm a FLY baby and very proud of myself) and actually do a load of laundry which probably wont't dry for a couple of days but I'll do it anyway... So, time to get going!!!!

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