Monday, 21 March 2011

Yes, it's Monday

This weekend went by so fast! Actually I don't complain because I spent the whole weekend resting and relaxing, so I feel ready for a new week (or at least I would, if I only could keep my eyes open... *lol*). It's funny, I seem to be more tired AFTER I rest than before, why is that?

This is going to be a busy week. My kids are getting baptized on Saturday and so far I haven't prepared anything. I'm not even sure I need a godfather and godmother for them since they're 11 and 13. Ooops, I'm always leaving things for the last minute.... Anyway, it's going to be something small, just for the family. Maybe we'll invite some of their friends over for a game of Wii Party. I think that could be great fun.

Well, the kids are at school and I need to do my Home Blessing, so I'd better get going....

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