Saturday, 12 June 2010

So tired!

This week has been really busy, at least so far. I hope I can get plenty of rest this weekend, I really need that. On Monday morning I found about a workshop that was starting the same day and since I had a posibility to do participate I went ahead. So I spent Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings in class, studying how to start your own business. It was a really good workshop and I'm more determined than ever to start my own company once I finish my studies.

My studies are going ok. I passed my first exam and currenty I'm studying Chapter 2. Before I started studying I thought I could do a chapter a week, but then I discovered that this chapter has 200 pages. No way I can study 200 pages in just a few days. :-( I'm going really slow but I'm sure I'll get there, eventually.

On Wednesday evening I went to another workshop, about how to take care of eldery people in their homes. I've been participating in this workshop for several months now, it's twice a month. Just one more time and I'll get my certificate. Another paper to add to my Curriculum Vitae.

I still don't have a contract but my bosses and I have decided that I'll work Monday and Friday evening and Wednesday morning, as well as one hour every Thursday evening.

As you can see I've hardly spent any time at home this week... I'm exhausted!!! My plans for this weekend is to relax, read and get plenty of sleep...

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