Sunday, 12 June 2011

Planning a beach party

My kids have their birthdays during the summer vacations so it's really difficult to throw a real party for them. This year I've promised them that we'll throw a party in June, right after school ends. Hopefully their friends will be able to come.

We'll have the party on the beach. I'm searching the net right now for party ideas. There will be 8 kids (all boys) aged 12 - 14. We've decided that we'll eat hamburgers (I'll order from a local burger) and have lots of snacks and most important, plenty of soda. I really need party ideas. I know they'll have a great time together, they always have when they're at the beach since they are all friends, but I want to do something different so it's not just another day at the beach.

Ideas we've came up with so far: beachvolley, frisbee, some sort of treasure hunt (finding sea shells and stones or something), play with water guns, maybe a sand castle competition.... Any ideas would be very much appreciated, so come on, please, help me out!!!!

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